EUR-ACE Label awarded to Mechanical Engineering at JAMK UAS

Higher education Touko Apajalahti

The Finnish Education Evaluation Center has conducted an Engineering Programme Review of the degree programme in Mechanical Engineering at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä, Finland. The programme passed the review without reservations and was awarded the EUR-ACE Bachelor Label which is valid until 28 May 2021.

The review was conducted by an international review team, chaired by David Tanner from the University of Limerick in Ireland.

Upon reviewing the programme, the team noted the following key strengths:

  • Close cooperation with regional industry in student and RDI projects which helps the students get industry contacts and the teachers to keep their knowledge up-to date
  • The international options available for students for both industry projects and exchange studies
  • Active international teacher exchange
  • Students’ voice is heard through discussions and feedback surveys and has an effect on the course level

In its report, the team highlighted the following good practice of the programme:

  • International Product Development course where Finnish and foreign students work in international project teams solving real life industrial product development cases.
  • Course plan is a good tool from the quality management viewpoint
  • International cooperation in project courses
  • Mid-term feedback is very useful and easy to collect.

The team gave also recommendations for further development to the programme. These include:

  • Students would benefit from more hands-on laboratory experience
  • The programme should pay attention to the marketing and admissions information in order to lower the drop-out rate and to attract the right students
  • In the further development of the curriculum the need for chemistry competence and programming skills should be analysed more deeply.
  • Increased subjects and equipment in the area of materials and materials analysis to stay in line with the existing RDI projects.