Quality label awarded to Tampere UAS

Higher education Matti Kajaste

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) has been awarded with the Quality Label of Finnish Education Evaluation Centre, which is in force for six years starting on the 14th March 2016. The Quality System of the UAS fulfils the national criteria for quality management of higher education institutions and it corresponds to the European standards and guidelines.

According to the Audit team, TAMK has developed its Quality System consistently creating a solid foundation for quality management. The procedures and principles of quality work cover all activities of the institution.

– TAMK has worked hard to build a unified quality culture. UAS staff, students and stakeholders have been invited to develop the quality management, says the Chair of the Audit team, Rector Eva Werner from IMC Krems –university of applied sciences from Austria.

The external quality audit also concentrated in three degree programmes, of which the quality management of Business Administration and Management of Health Care and Social Services were of especially advanced level.

The Audit team gives also recommendations to the Tampere University of Applied Sciences on how to further develop the Quality System. TAMK has built an extensive and comprehensive quality management system that produces a lot of information. Indeed, the amount of data the system provides appears to exceed the processing and utilisation capacity of the UAS. The audit team recommends that TAMK selects the most important and useful data-generating tools and questionnaires and omits those that do not serve its direct needs.

The University of Tampere and the Tampere University of Technology have passed the audit in past few years. Audits of Quality Systems of all Finnish Higher Education Institutions began in 2005. The Audit report is available in full on FINEEC’s website at: https://karvi.fi/en/publication/


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Audit Report:

Audit of Tampere University of Applied Sciences 2016