Quality label to Savonia University of Applied Sciences –Savonia contributes extensively to regional development

Higher education Susanne Kuosmanen

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) has conducted an audit of Savonia University of Applied Sciences and has awarded it a quality label that is valid for six years from 14 April 2016. The quality system of Savonia fulfils the criteria for the quality management of higher education institutions, and corresponds to the European principles and recommendations.

According to the audit team, Savonia’s strength is its system to produce information, which the institution has improved significantly over the last few years; Savonia also utilises information systematically to develop its operations further. Strategic management, operations management and the quality system are successfully integrated, and it is a daily task for Savonia personnel to comply with the quality system.

“Savonia has a well-functioning quality and feedback culture, and operations are developed based on the feedback obtained from different actors. Savonia also contributes extensively to the development of the region, and it actively interacts with the business sector”, says Heikki Malinen, chairman of the audit team and vice rector of JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

In the audit, three degree programmes were reviewed in more detail. Especially in the degree programme for a Master’s degree in business administration (entrepreneurship and business know-how), planning and implementation of education are supported by quality management in an excellent way. A particular asset of the degree programmes of mechanical engineering and design is the close link between research, development and innovation activities, and education.

The audit team also gives recommendations for further development. Savonia has introduced a team approach. It is important that Savonia assess the functionality of the approach and make sure that the operations are of a consistent quality. Even though multidisciplinary cooperation in education planning and implementation is, to some extent, implemented very well, the audit team encourages Savonia to expand the cooperation. The audit team also recommends that Savonia take care of motivating students and staff to contribute to quality work.

Comprehensive student counselling was the audit theme chosen by Savonia. The counselling provides students with a comprehensive support network. According to the audit team, Savonia is doing well with the counselling and should continue the development work, for example, to harmonise the procedures.

Savonia was previously audited in 2009. According to the audit team, it has successfully developed its quality system since the previous audit by streamlining it, among other things. Audits of quality systems of higher education institutions began in Finland in 2005. The audit report is available on FINEEC’s webpage https://karvi.fi/


For more details, please contact:

Heikki Malinen, Chair of the Audit Team, Vice Rector, tel. +358 40 772 3376, email: heikki.malinen(at)jamk.fi

Kirsi Hiltunen, Counsellor of Evaluation, tel. +358 29 53 35 508, email: kirsi.hiltunen(at)karvi.fi

report orders: Arja Bilund, Administrative Assistant, tel. +358 2953 35503, email: arja.bilund(at)karvi.fi



Audit of Savonia University of Applied Sciences 2016