Quality label to Turku University of Applied Sciences

Higher education Susanne Kuosmanen

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre has conducted an audit of the Turku University of Applied Sciences and has awarded the institution with a quality label that is valid for six years from 12 May 2016. The quality system of the Turku University of Applied Sciences fulfils the national criteria set for the quality management of higher education institutions, and corresponds to the European quality assurance principles and recommendations for higher education institutions.

According to the audit team, the staff of Turku UAS take an active part in strategy work and the development of operations. The ideology of continuous development and the PDCA cycle are well present in the planning and implementation of operations. In degree education, the quality management processes work well.

– The staff feel that the work is inclusive and highlights expertise. The staff have internalised the principle of continuous development and this is manifested in both thinking and action. The process of operating and financial planning, which covers all levels of the organisation, functions well. In degree education, the quality management tools and processes enable the institution to monitor and develop the education and contribute to meeting the targets set for it, says Jouko Paaso, chairman of the audit team and rector and CEO of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

The audit team also gives recommendations for further development. The Turku UAS should introduce more efficient methods for the overall evaluation and development of the quality management system. The audit team also recommends developing further routines for collecting feedback from stakeholders. And the UAS should employ more systematic methods for handling the information generated through the quality management system with regard to social and regional impact.

Turku UAS was previously audited in 2010. According to the audit team, it has developed its quality system since the previous audit by strengthening quality system’s link with operation management, among other things. Audits of quality systems of higher education institutions began in Finland in 2005. The audit report is available on FINEEC’s webpage https://karvi.fi/


For more details, please contact: 

Jouko Paaso, Chair of the Audit Team, Rector/CEO, tel. +358 44 556 8200, jouko.paaso(at)oamk.fi

Jani Goman, Counsellor of Evaluation, tel. +358 2953 35505, jani.goman(at)karvi.fi

report orders: Arja Bilund, Administrative Assistant, tel. +358 2953 35503, email: arja.bilund(at)karvi.fi



Audit of Turku University of Applied Sciences 2016