National Plan for Education Evaluations 2016-2019 – now in English

Mirella Nordblad

Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) has published the National Plan for Education Evaluations 2016-2019 in English. The plan includes evaluation activities for all educational levels and it has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

FINEEC’s evaluation activities comprise following four focus areas, which have been defined in FINEEC’s strategy:

  1. Developing learning and competence with evaluation.
  2. Functionality and development of the educational system.
  3. Themes which are central and critical in the society.
  4. Supporting education providers in quality management and in strengthening an operating culture based
    on enhancement-led evaluation.

The evaluation projects are planned and carried out with the following cross-cutting themes, where applicable:

  • the overall functionality of the educational system and the educational structures;
  • the smoothness of the learning path and preventing exclusion and drop-outs;
  • competence-based education and qualifications and working-life relevance;
  • educational equality;
  • digitisation;
  • integrating immigrants into the educational system and study communities.

National Plan for Education Evaluations 2016-2019

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