Häme University of Applied Sciences receives quality label

Higher education Matti Kajaste

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) has conducted an audit of Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) and awarded the institution a quality label valid for six years starting on 26 August 2016. The quality system of Häme University of Applied Sciences fulfils the national criteria for the quality management of higher education institutions and corresponds to the European principles and recommendations.


According to the international audit team, the deeply rooted quality culture evident in the day-to-day work at Häme University of Applied Sciences is a strength highlighted in the audit. The staff are committed to the institution’s shared guidelines, which ensure uniform practices and equal treatment of students on all seven campuses. The student-centred approach guides the work of the teaching staff systematically throughout HAMK and is central to the quality of learning environments. Electronic systems and diverse feedback channels create an excellent framework for the development of education.


Three degree programmes taught were reviewed in detail during the audit: the Degree Programme in Electrical and Automation Engineering, the Master’s Degree Programme in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, and the Degree Programme in Design. The quality management of all three programmes is at an advanced level.


“The quality system of Häme University of Applied Sciences has a longstanding history of basing itself on guidelines for consistency in quality management across a multi-campus institution. Combined with a new participatory development approach, the quality system supports the implementation of HAMK Strategy 2020,” says the Scottish chair of the audit team, Carolyn Campbell from the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education.


The audit team also gives recommendations for further development. HAMK should engage its external stakeholders more systematically in its research, development and innovation activities as well as regional development work. The students’ role in quality work should be more versatile. The international students wished for more contacts with businesses in the region as part of their studies.


Global Education Business was the optional audit target chosen by Häme University of Applied Sciences. According to the audit team, the role of this new activity as part of the institution’s internationalisation goals and agenda should be more established. Designing and customising education export products for international clients present a need for the development of HAMK staff’s professional competencies.


The previous audit of Häme University of Applied Sciences took place in 2011. Audits of quality systems of higher education institutions began in Finland in 2005. All universities and universities of applied sciences participate in the audits. The HAMK audit report is available in English on FINEEC’s website: https://karvi.fi/en



For more information, please contact:

Chair of the audit team, Senior Consultant Carolyn Campbell, tel. +44 780 138 7053,


Project manager of the audit, Kirsi Mustonen, tel. +358 29 533 5515, kirsi.mustonen(at)karvi.fi

Ordering reports: Assistant Arja Bilund, tel. +358 29 533 5503, arja.bilund(at)karvi.fi