Hanken School of Economics received a quality label – A quality culture aiming at excellence is strongly shared at all levels at Hanken

Higher education Mirella Nordblad

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre has conducted a re-audit of Hanken School of Economics and has awarded the university a quality label that is valid for six years from 13 March 2017. The quality system of Hanken fulfils the national criteria and corresponds to the European quality assurance principles and recommendations for higher education institutions.

In the initial audit conducted in 2013-2014 Hanken School of Economics did not meet the national audit criteria set for quality systems. The development of the quality system required actions from the institution and a re-audit. In the re-audit the audit team focused on evaluating the quality policy and quality system of the institution. In addition two degree programmes at bachelor’s and master’s level were included in the audit.

The audit team considers that Hanken has made substantial progress since the initial audit.

“The Rectorate has taken several initiatives to develop the quality system, to link different quality processes and to formalise procedures. An overall view of the quality system has been developed”, says the Chair of the Audit Team, Professor Jacques Lanarès from the University of Lausanne.

Hanken has made a step forward to support openness and involvement of the community in its quality culture with the development of new tools, communication opportunities, more inclusive decision-making processes, and the clearer and more transparent structure of the quality system. Most of the tacit knowledge which was mentioned in the initial audit is now explicit.

The Integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s Programme and the Master’s Programme in Intellectual Property Law were evaluated in the audit as examples of quality management at the level of degree programmes. The quality management procedures are employed systematically and there is strong evidence that they have had an impact on the development education.

“Students valued highly the collegial atmosphere at Hanken, it is easy for them to contact teachers and to get support. The faculty are also responsive to students’ feedback and changes have been made based on the feedback”, says Professor Lanarès.

Hanken places also a lot of emphasis on the relevance of its degree programmes to working life. The School works in close relationship with external stakeholders and this has a very positive impact on the planning and the implementation of programmes and upon the career development of students.

The quality culture at Hanken is characterised by a strong commitment to high quality outputs, in line with the ambitions of excellence of the university. The quality culture is currently moving from a focus on international accreditations to a more inclusive and general concern about quality processes. Hanken is encouraged to continue the development of quality management based on its own goals and needs.

Audits of quality systems of higher education institutions began in Finland in 2005. All universities and universities of applied sciences have participated in the audits.


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