EUR-ACE label awarded conditionally to the Degree Programme in ICT at JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Higher education Touko Apajalahti

The engineering degree programme in Information and Communications Technology at JAMK University of Applied Sciences was awarded the European EUR-ACE label following an accreditation by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre.

The accreditation is conditional: the descriptions in the curricula must be improved according to the international accreditation team. Learning outcomes of all modules and courses should be described in terms of competences students are able to demonstrate after completion. The course descriptions should provide comprehensive information (in particular learning outcomes, content, teaching methods/activities, assessment of students’ learning) about all the courses in the curriculum.

In addition to the set conditions, the accreditation team recommends in its report that the compulsory mathematics studies in the programme should be revised, to take better into account the needs of an ICT engineering study programme. The team also sees that students’ participation to the curriculum development should be stronger.

Contacts to industry and high quality learning environments are strengths of the programme

The accreditation team identified also strengths in the degree programme. The programme has a devoted team of teachers and support staff who are committed to the learning of students. Contacts to companies are good, which is visible in how the programme offers specialisations in topical and important areas. The programme possesses exemplary laboratory environments, such as the Realistic Global Cyber Environment, which offer possibilities to develop practical engineering skills. Additionally, project works are an integral part of the curriculum and give possibilities to students to get real-life experience.

If the degree programme meets the conditions by the end of 2017, the accreditation and the associated EUR-ACE Label are valid for six years, until 14 June 2023.

The engineering programme accreditation is a degree programme specific evaluation leading to the European EUR-ACE Label. The accreditation aims to support the development of quality in engineering degree programmes and increase international comparability and recognition of Finnish engineering degrees in the European industry. The engineering programme accreditations are voluntary for higher education institutions in Finland.

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