The manual for audits of higher education institutions 2018-2024 has been published

Higher education Mirella Nordblad

FINEEC’s audit model has been renewed for the third round of audits (2018-2024). The aim of the new audit model is to support higher education institutions in the continuous development of their operations, and to encourage internationalisation, experimenting and a creative atmosphere at higher education institutions. In the new audit model, there is a stronger emphasis on student-centred approach and societal impact. Furthermore, the audit round will accumulate open and transparent information on quality work at Finnish HEIs.

A central premise in the planning of the audit model has been the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in European Higher Education Area (ESG), which emphasises the student-centred approach, as well as learning and research as the basis for planning, implementing and developing education. In the student-centred approach, students are encouraged to take an active role in the learning process.

The audit model emphasises the impact of operations as part of the educational task. Likewise, the impact of research and artistic activities is seen as part of the HEI’s tasks. The impact may manifest as education and culture, well-being, research which generates new knowledge, active participation in regional development work, or competitivity in reforming the society.

Audit manual for higher education institutions 2018-2024