Quality label to the University of Oulu – strategic leadership of quality management is a strength

Higher education Touko Apajalahti

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre has conducted an audit of the University of Oulu and has awarded the institution a quality label that is valid for six years from 28 February 2018. The quality system of the University of Oulu fulfils the national criteria set for the quality management of higher education institutions, and corresponds to the European quality assurance principles and recommendations for higher education institutions.

A key strength of the quality system of the university is that it is strategically led, with good participation from faculty, support staff, students and external stakeholders. The university also has systematically developed the quality system.

“The university’s research strategy with its five focus areas, along with the reorganisation of its structure, has been based upon a comprehensive assessment of research expertise, drawing on the competence base survey for research groups and linked with global and regional challenges” notes Ellen Hazelkorn, Chair of the international audit team.

Another strength is the good working relationship and atmosphere in the university, with high levels of co-operation and trust, and professional support for staff and students throughout the change processes.

The audit team recommends that the university pay attention to making the quality system more consistent across the organisational units and more comparable between the core duties.

“Rather than focusing more on prescriptiveness of the system, there is a need to ensure greater intuitive ownership of quality by all members and units of the university community” stresses the Chair of the audit team Ellen Hazelkorn.

Greater attention should also be given to improving pedagogic practices to ensure an enhanced student-centred learning experience for all students and to tackling challenges with student completion.

Audit report:

Further information:

Chair of the audit team, Ellen Hazelkorn, ellen.hazelkorn@dit.ie, +353 87 247 2112

FINEEC project manager, Touko Apajalahti, touko.apajalahti@karvi.fi, +358 29 533 5502