The third round of audits of HEIs has started

Mirella Nordblad

The third round of FINEEC audits has started. The audit of Novia University of Applied Sciences is the first audit in which the new audit model is applied

Student-centred approach in education and the impact of the operations of the higher education institution are emphasised in the audit model 2018-2024.

FINEEC’s audit model for higher education institutions (HEI) meets European quality requirements and is based on an institutional approach. The functionality and effectiveness of the quality systems of HEIs are evaluated in the audits. The focus of the audit is on the procedures used by the HEI to maintain and enhance the quality of its operations.

The purpose of the audit model is

  • to evaluate whether the quality work in the HEI meets the European quality assurance standards,
  • to assess whether the quality system produces relevant information for the continuous development of operations and whether it results in effective development activities,
  • to encourage internationalisation, experimenting and a creative atmosphere at HEIs, and
  • to accumulate open and transparent information on quality work at Finnish HEIs

The autonomy of HEIs to develop their quality systems according to their own needs and goals is a central premise for the audit model. The autonomy and strategic development of HEIs is supported in the audit model by offering HEIs the possibility to select one of the areas of evaluation as well as a benchlearning target. Novia has chosen Novia’s Nordic networks and co-operation as one of the evaluation areas. Novia carries out its benchlearning project with Turku University of Applied Sciences. The theme of the benchlearning project is The impact of the higher education institutions’ operations and regional development, case marine education and technology cluster in the Turku region.

The enhancement-led approach is applied in the audits. The goal of enhancement-led evaluation is to involve staff, students and stakeholders of a higher education institution (HEI) in recognising strengths, good practices and development areas in the HEI’s operations. The aim is also to support HEIs in achieving their own objectives, thus creating a premise for the continuous development of HEIs.

The contact person at FINEEC

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