Lahti University of Applied Sciences receives quality label in a re-audit

Higher education Touko Apajalahti

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre has awarded Lahti University of Applied Sciences a quality label that is valid for six years from 23 August 2018, following a re-audit of the institution. The quality system of LAMK fulfils the national criteria set for the quality management of higher education institutions, and corresponds to the European quality assurance principles and recommendations for higher education institutions.

In the initial audit conducted in 2016 Lahti University of Applied Sciences did not meet the national audit criteria. The development of the quality system required action from the institution and a re-audit which focused on two audit targets: the quality system’s link with strategic management, and the quality system as a whole.

The audit team considers that LAMK has made noteworthy progress since the initial audit. The developments have created a more unified and institutional quality system with shared guidelines and easily accessible information and data which are used routinely. The quality system covers the essential parts of the core duties of LAMK and provides support for the development of operations.

“The improvements made since the previous audit have created a positive and participatory atmosphere on quality issues, with people seeing that the procedures bring value to their work” notes Carolyn Campbell, Chair of the international audit team.

The audit team highlights the following in their report as key improvements since the initial audit:

  • The usefulness and use of information that the system produces has greatly improved across the organisation, with the help of the Datawarehouse and intranet system.
  • The communication and feedback channels with students are clear and used more by the students, and the feedback loop is closed.
  • Common guidelines and clearer definition of roles and responsibilities ensure consistency in operations across faculties and units.

Further information

Chair of the audit team, Senior Consultant Carolyn Campbell, Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, tel. +44 780 138 7053,

Senior Advisor Touko Apajalahti, Finnish Education Evaluation Centre,, +358 29 533 5502