Principles for the online implementation of FINEEC audits

Higher education Mirella Nordblad


FINEEC has published Principles of online implementation that apply to the FINEEC audits of higher education institutions 2020-2024. The Principles of online implementation is an addendum to the Audit manual for higher education institutions 2019-2024.

FINEEC audits can be implemented either fully or partly online. Online implementation is possible at all stages of the audit process:

  • benchlearning,
  • agreement negotiations between FINEEC and the HEI,
  • HEI’s self-assessment,
  • Higher Education Evaluation Committee’s meeting for the appointment of the audit team,
  • training and meetings of the audit team,
  • briefing and discussion event,
  • audit visit,
  • Higher Education Evaluation Committee’s meeting regarding the final results of the audit,
  • final seminar and
  • the audit team’s and the HEI’s feedback on the audit process.

Different hybrid models (partial implementation online) are possible in all of FINEEC’s audits. A hybrid model can be applied in situations where individual audit team members, FINEEC’s employees or representatives of the HEI are prevented from participating in the on-site visit. Hearings and workshops can also be implemented online.


Principles of online implementation 2020-2024


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