EUR-ACE label awarded conditionally to the Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering at Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Higher education Kati Isoaho

The engineering degree programme in Mechanical Engineering at Savonia University of Applied Sciences was awarded conditionally the European EUR-ACE label following an accreditation by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC). The degree programme is required to meet the set conditions in one year by 15th March 2022.

Teaching and learning environments and industry relations are strengths of the degree programme

The strengths of the degree programme identified by the accreditation team are modern teaching and learning environments as well as good cooperation with the nearby companies. Degree programme is strategic for Savonia UAS and relevant to the region. The degree programme has close cooperation with regional industry in the field of mechanical engineering when looking for incentives and suggestions to update the programme learning outcomes. The structure of the degree programme is appropriate, and courses are designed in a manner that creates a logical study flow, starting from introductory courses and continuing to the final thesis phase. All students have equal access to the facilities. Support services for the students appear to work well.

Design and review processes of the curriculum as a development area

The set conditions relate to the design and development of the degree programme learning outcomes and the curriculum. Decision-making process for designing and reviewing of curriculum should be better clarified. In addition, the degree programme-level process of regular programme reviews as well as curriculum updating should be adequately described and documented at the level of mechanical engineering team. Both decision-making and review of the curriculum should include academic staff, support staff around the degree programme and students from the degree programme. The degree programme should reserve appropriate staff resources for coordinating the review and updating process. The process should be a part of internal quality management.

The engineering programme accreditation is a degree programme specific evaluation leading to the European EUR-ACE Label. The accreditation aims to support the development of quality in engineering degree programmes and increase international comparability and recognition of Finnish engineering degrees in the European industry. The engineering programme accreditations are voluntary for higher education institutions in Finland.

accreditation report on FINEEC web site

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