Education evaluation plan tackles critical themes of Finnish society

The work of the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) is guided by the National Plan for Education Evaluations. The projects of the evaluation plan period 2020–2023 with their descriptions and schedules have now been collected into a single publication. The plan focuses on the impacts of recent education policy reforms on different levels of education.

Information on all levels of education and significant themes of Finnish society

The projects included in the evaluation plan produce important information on all levels of education from early childhood education and care to higher education, both at individual levels of education and across the education system. The information produced by the evaluations supports national and local decision-making and development activities.

The priorities of the current evaluation plan period are developing learning and competence, promoting equality, increasing the functionality of the education system and supporting continuous development. In the context of these themes FINEEC will evaluate, among other things, the impact of exceptional teaching arrangements on students’ equality and equity as well as methods for preventing bullying, improving pupils’ and students’ well-being and promoting a good disciplinary climate. FINEEC will produce information to support the development of the national operating model for engaging school community work and a proposal for more permanent national statistics on and monitoring of pupils’ absences. FINEEC also evaluates the impacts of legislative reforms on the education and training system and the implementation of the National core curricula. The evaluation plan additionally includes assessments of learning outcomes, which produce information on the achievement of the National core curriculum objectives, as well as the level and development of competence in a specific subject and the realisation of equality in education.

Read more about all evaluations and their schedules for different years:

National Plan for Education Evaluations 2020−2023

The evaluation plan was prepared in broad-based cooperation with key stakeholders, taking into account the need to build up the national knowledge base of education.


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