EUR-ACE label awarded to the Degree Programme Electrical and Automation Engineering at JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Higher education Kati Isoaho

The engineering degree programme in Electrical and Automation Engineering at JAMK University of Applied Sciences was awarded the European EUR-ACE label following an accreditation by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC). The accreditation is valid for six years until 4th March 2028. The language of instruction of the degree programme is Finnish.

Student-centredness and close collaboration with the industry partners are degree programme´s strengths

The strengths of the degree programme identified by the accreditation team relate to the student-centredness which is at a good level and well taken care of in terms of achievement of learning outcomes set for the degree programme. in addition, there is close cooperation between the degree programme and the related industry via the Advisory Board, RDI projects, the InnoFlash course and practical training.  Curriculum strongly focuses on the professional field and future engineering skills have been reflected and listed with the key external stakeholders.

The areas for further improvement identified by the accreditation team relate to generic competences (e.g. social skills, communication, team-working) that could be communicated more clearly on the learning activity level to highlight the importance of them for the students. In addition, it is recommended to further develop some of the course-level learning outcomes and to support the teaching staff to deploy them to students.

The engineering programme accreditation is a degree programme specific evaluation leading to the European EUR-ACE Label. The accreditation aims to support the development of quality in engineering degree programmes and increase international comparability and recognition of Finnish engineering degrees in the European industry. The engineering degree programme accreditations are voluntary for higher education institutions in Finland.

accreditation report on FINEEC web site

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