Ongoing national evaluations: Leadership in early childhood education: The current state, strengths and areas of development

The ongoing national external evaluations for ECEC are set in the FINEEC evaluation plan for 2020-2023. In 2020, an evaluation on the effects of the Act on Early Childhood Education and Care will begin with the evaluation of the early childhood leadership and its systems.

The Act on Early Childhood Education and Care was renewed in 2018. Upon the renewal Parliament required the Government to monitor and assess the effects of the law reform. The effects are examined by focusing the evaluation on the ECEC leadership and its systems and their connection to the realization of equality and the best interests of the child in municipal and private early childhood education services. The evaluation information obtained is integrated into the assessment and monitoring of the effects of the law reform.

The purpose of the evaluation is to examine the management and leadership of early childhood education and its structures as a part of the quality management of ECEC organizers and private service providers. The evaluation advances the realization of equality for overall growth, development and learning of children in early childhood education. The aim of the evaluation is to benefit the national level of the early childhood education management system as well as local level stakeholders by providing information on the current state of the early childhood education leadership system and its strengths and areas for development.

The evaluation project will be implemented in two phases during 2020–2023. In the first phase of the evaluation, 2020-2021, a report will be prepared on the current situation of early childhood education management in Finland. The results of the first phase will be reported in late 2021.

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