Supporting early childhood education providers in quality management

Developing the evaluation of early childhood education and supporting education providers in self-assessment are integral elements in FINEEC’s statutory tasks.

The evaluation of early childhood education is in many respects a topical issue. In Finland, there has not existed a nationally shared perspective on early childhood education quality factors or on the social significance of early childhood education. Finland has not had a standardised quality assessment and monitoring system and, in addition, there has been only a limited amount of training content focusing on the evaluation of early childhood education. (OECD Starting Strong IV Monitoring Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care Country Note Finland, 2016.)

With this in the background, the development of early childhood education evaluation was included in the tasks of the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre in 2015. The Ministry of Education and Culture has assigned FINEEC the task of developing a quality assessment system for early childhood education.

In 2017, FINEEC launched a project with the aim of producing information and tools for supporting the self-assessment and quality management of early childhood education.

The project’s tasks include:

  • Drawing up a theoretical structure for quality of early childhood education.
  • Defining quality indicators for early childhood education.
  • Developing a digital evaluation system to support early childhood education providers and service providers.
  • Supporting education providers and service providers in self-assessment with training and advice.

The project will be implemented in two phases and an expert group consisting of external parties has been established for it.

Phase I of the project:

  • Drawing up a theoretical structure for the quality of early childhood education and its quality assessment and defining quality indicators.
  • The background report “Varhaiskasvatuksen arvioinnin nykytila” (Current state of early childhood education evaluation), drawn up as a foundation for the project, was published in the autumn 2017.
  • The project’s expert group started its work in the autumn 2017.
  • Phase I will be completed in the autumn 2018.

Phase II of the project:

  • Developing a digital quality assessment system to support municipal self-assessment.
  • Through the system, FINEEC can collect national evaluation materials.
  • The planning of Phase II has been launched.


Additional information:

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