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Assessment of learning outcomes in A syllabus of English in basic education grade 7, autumn 2018


The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre will assess the learning outcomes of basic education grade 7 pupils in the A syllabus of English in September 2018. The assessment will include both schools where the language of instruction is Finnish and Swedish-speaking schools. In basic education grades 1 to 6, English is the most commonly studied foreign language: in autumn term 2016, it was studied by 71% of the pupils in total, either as a common or a free-choice foreign language. At that time, 18% of the pupils were studying other foreign languages. In practice, all pupils in grades 7 to 9 were studying English (Statistics Finland 2017).

The purpose of this assessment is to obtain reliable information at the national level on the achievement of the objectives set in the National core curriculum for basic education (EDUFI 2014) at a transition point of the education system as the pupils move from lower to higher comprehensive school. This is a longitudinal study, which means that the same pupils will be re-assessed at the final stage of grade 9. Key questions in the assessment are the pupils’ language proficiency in content areas described in the National core curriculum for basic education 2014 (Interaction skills, Text interpretation skills, Text production skills). The assessment will also investigate what pupils do to improve their language study skills and language awareness, for example whether they set targets for their personal learning and how they use different learning environments. The links between learning outcomes on the one hand, and the pupils’ background factors and features of the learning environment on the other, will produce information on the realisation of equality and fairness in education.

The assessment will be carried out electronically, using a laptop or desktop computer. According to the National core curriculum, the teaching and learning of languages should also promote the development of pupils’ multiliteracy (EDUFI 2014, 219). Information and communication technology provides a natural opportunity for implementing language assessment based on authentic situations (EDUFI 2014, 221).

The assessment results will be published in spring 2019.

For further information about the assessment, please contact:
Project Manager Marita Härmälä, tel. +358 29 533 5560, firstname.surname@karvi.fi


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