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Evaluation of the reform process of vocational upper secondary qualifications


The evaluation will study the preparation and implementation processes related to the reform of vocational upper secondary qualifications. The aim is to evaluate the reform processes of the organisation plans related to vocational qualifications in vocational education and training, education provider curricula and organisation of vocational skills demonstrations as well as the realisation of the reform’s objectives.

The evaluation will differentiate between the preparation and implementation process of national qualifications from the implementation process of qualification criteria implemented at education provider level. The aim is to review the functioning of the reform process, the participation of various bodies in the process as well as process management. Evaluation of education system processes provides information about the operating models and management of the reform process.

Data is collected from national operators, such as the Finnish National Board of Education, committees and working groups involved in drawing up the curricula and all providers of vocational education and training. The evaluation data comprises documents produced by national authorities, studies and project reports related to the qualification reform as well as surveys and interviews targeted at various operators. The evaluation is implemented between November 2013 and June 2015.


Contact persons at FINEEC

Jaana Saarinen
tel. +358 2953 35537, firstname.surname@karvi.fi

Niina Rumpu
tel. +358 02953 35525, firstname.surname@karvi.fi

Päivi Kamppi
tel. +358 2953 35512, firstname.surname@karvi.fi


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