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Supporting early childhood education providers in quality management


The development tasks of FINEEC’s early childhood education evaluation are a part of the national early childhood education steering system. In the background of the development tasks is the influence of the conclusions of Finland’s country note (2016) in the OECD report ‘Starting Strong IV – Monitoring Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care’. The note states that a) Finland has no national shared perspective of quality factors in early childhood education, b) Finland has no standardised quality assessment and monitoring system, and c) the staff has limited training in evaluation. (OECD, 2016).
The purpose of the project is to produce information and tools for evaluating early childhood education at its different levels, thereby supporting early childhood education providers in their quality management task. The different levels refer to evaluation on the provider, personnel, and individual level.

The project’s tasks include:
• drawing up a report of the methods and basis of quality assessment in early childhood education
• drawing up a theoretical analysis of the quality of and the quality criteria for early childhood education
• drawing up an evaluation model and practical tools to support self-assessment at the local level
• training providers in using the evaluation model

A group of experts will be appointed in the spring of 2017 to support the work of FINEEC.
Further information: Senior Advisor Laura Repo, tel. +358 29 533 5553, laura.repo@karvi.fi


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