External Review

HAMK / Ville Salminen
HAMK / Ville Salminen



The Higher Education Unit of Finnish Education Evaluation Centre will take part in an External Review, conducted by the ENQA association in 2016. It is a periodic review, where FINEEC’s intention is to show compliance to the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG 2015).

FINEEC has prepared a Self-Assessment Report according to ENQA’s instructions and presents also a number of attachments to the External Review Panel.

The composition of the Panel:

Chair – Tia Loukkola, EUA, Belgium

Secretary – Tue Vinther-Joergensen, EVA, Denmark

Milan Pol – academic staff member, Czech Republic

Beate Treml – student member, Austria

Maria Kelo – ENQA Representative, Belgium


Self-Assessment Report:

FINEEC Self-Assessment Report



List of attachments

1-FINEEC Strategy

2-National Education Evaluation Plan 2016-2019

3-Act on FINEEC

4-Decree on FINEEC

5-Polytechnics Act

6-Universities Act

7-FINEEC Rules of Procedure