The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) is responsible for evaluating early childhood education and care, education and training nationally. FINEEC’s evaluations cover the entire education system from early childhood education and care to higher education.

Evaluation information and support for developing early childhood education and care and education

FINEEC’s evaluations produce information and development recommendations for local, regional and national decision-making and development work as well as for international comparisons. The evaluation activities comprise national learning outcome assessments, thematic and system evaluations and evaluations of quality systems, including audits of higher education institutions. FINEEC also supports providers of early childhood education and care, education and training as well as higher education institutions in evaluation and quality management matters. FINEEC’s evaluations are based on independence, trust, openness and interaction.

All FINEEC evaluation reports are public and available to download on the Centre’s website. FINEEC informs the participants of the evaluation results and gives them feedback.

The National Plan for Education Evaluation 2020–2023 sets out the evaluation projects for the current plan period and guidelines for developing the evaluation system and methods.

Information production on focus areas

Producing information on focus areas is one of the tasks assigned to FINEEC. This means producing information on predefined and socially significant focus areas. The purpose of the focus area information is to support decision-making and development work at all levels ranging from Finnish society and education system at large to the local level.

Fee-paying services

In addition to its free evaluation work, FINEEC offers fee-paying services to education organisations operating in Finland and abroad and to its other customers. Fee-paying services are provided based on commissions, orders, requests or competitive tendering processes.

Examples of these services include external audits/evaluations and degree programme evaluations in the field of technology. FINEEC also offers basic education providers and schools not included in the national sample the possibility to procure assessments of learning outcomes subject to a fee.

Our organisation

FINEEC is an independent authority operating as a separate unit of the Finnish National Agency for Education. FINEEC’s units are

  • General Education Unit
  • Vocational Education and Early Childhood Education Unit
  • Higher Education and Liberal Adult Education Unit
  • Shared development services.

In total, FINEEC has around 50 employees. While FINEEC’s headquarters are in Helsinki, some of its activities are based in Jyväskylä.

An Evaluation Council appointed by the Government and a Higher Education Evaluation Committee appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture operate in conjunction with FINEEC.

FINEEC’s organisation chart

Further information

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National Plan for Education Evaluation 2020–2023

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