Higher Education Evaluation Committee

The Ministry of Education and Culture has appointed the Higher Education Evaluation Committee for the period of 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2026.

The Higher Education Evaluation Committee decides on project plans for the evaluations of HEIs, the composition of planning and review teams and the outcome of the audits of higher education institutions.

The members of the Higher Education Evaluation Committee are:

  • Education Policy Expert Nikolas Bursiewicz, Union of Students’ Unions of Finland, SYL ry
  • Education Policy Specialist Johanna Fonsell, Federation of Finnish Student Unions, SAMOK ry
  • Rector, Executive Director Kati Komulainen, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (chair)
  • Rector, Executive Director Jouni Koski, Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu
  • Managing Director Timo Lappi, MaRa ry, Tourism and Restaurant Services
  • Director of Information and Digital Services Manu Pajuluoma, Lapland University Consortium (LUC)
  • Leading principal lecturer Merja Saarela, Häme University of Applied Sciences
  • Professor Martin Ubani, University of Eastern Finland (vice chair)
  • Vice Rector Gunilla Widén, Åbo Akademi.

Mira Huusko, FINEEC, is the secretary of the Evaluation Committee.