FINEEC’s evaluation of the general upper secondary education reform (LUKA) 2021-2024

Objects of evaluation:

  1. Implementation of the National Core Curriculum for General Upper Secondary Education
  2. Strengthening of general knowledge and ability and pedagogical practices
  3. Streamlining of studies to improve access to further studies and working life and to promote international competence
  4. Strengthening support for learning and special needs education
  5. Student wellbeing
  6. Achievement of the objectives related to the matriculation examination

General upper secondary education reform (2017)

  • attraction
  • general knowledge and ability
  • further studies
  • smooth transition
  • HEI cooperation
  • quality
  • learning outcomes
  • individual, flexible study paths
  • guidance and support
  • interdisciplinary studies

Curriculum reform (2021)

  • transversality
  • guidance counselling
  • support
  • surrounding world: higher education institutions, internationalization, working life, entrepreneurship

At the background:

  • Expansion of compulsory education 2021
  • Higher education: student admission reform 2020
  • Act on the Matriculation Examination 2019
  • Act on General Upper Secondary Education 2018
  • Pupil and Student Welfare Act 2013
  • Universities Act 2009


General upper secondary school. Distribution of lesson hours. Young people and adults. Wellbeing?