FINEEC’s strategy

Our vision

FINEEC is a proficient evaluator and a bold debator.

Strategic aims

  • We produce educational knowledge, understanding and competence that enhance trust and lead to wise decisions.
  • Our evaluations orient to the future, and they are enhancement-led, diverse and participatory.
  • We foster society’s ecological, cultural, social and economic sustainable development.

Components and levels of the education system

  • early childhood education
  • pre-primary and basic education
  • general upper secondary education
  • vocational education
  • higher education
  • liberal adult education
  • basic education in arts

Values that guide FINEEC’s operations


We base our evaluation activities on strong expertise and systematically collected data.


We act independently, and our outcomes and conclusions are free from a third-party influence.


We work in an interactive manner, and our principles, criteria and processes are made known.


We tackle difficult matters, take stand and participate in public debate.

FINEEC’s efficiency goals

We want to

  • advance learning and the building of competences
  • increase the equality in education
  • improve education system’s functionality
  • develop the quality of education