Appeals procedure for audits


An HEI audited or re-audited by FINEEC may request a review of the assessment outcome. The purpose of the procedure is to ensure the equal treatment of HEIs in the audits and to guarantee that the decision-making of the Higher Education Evaluation Committee is fair regarding the outcome of the audit.The procedure follows the jointly agreed European quality assurance principles for evaluation agencies.


The procedure will be applied to audits performed in accordance with the FINEEC audit manual  (Audit manual for the quality systems of higher education institutions 2015–2018, Finnish Education Evaluation Centre Publications 2015:2).

The request may be targeted at the following audit results decided on by the Higher Education Evaluation Committee:

1) The higher education institution does not pass the audit, and a re-audit is required; or
2) The higher education institution does not pass the re-audit.

The request may be based on the grounds that the audit has not been performed in compliance with
the audit manual, and that the audit process, as performed, brings into question the fair and equal
treatment of higher education institutions.

The procedure is valid until the end of 2024.

Procedure to request a review of an audit result 2019–2024

The Expert Group has been appointed to the Evaluation Council meeting 7/2019 (30.10.2019):

  • Quality Manager Tarja Hettula, National Defense University
  • Rector (emerita) Anneli Pirttilä, Member of the Higher Education Evaluation Committee (2014–2018)
  • Rector Pertti Puusaari, Häme University of Applied Sciences

Personal deputys:

  • Senior Advisor Kari Seppälä, University of Turku (Hettula)
  • Director Eva Maria Raudasoja, University of Oulu, Member of the Higher Education Evaluation Committee (2014–2018) (Pirttilä)
  • Information technology expert Mikko Penttinen, Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Puusaari).

Further information on the procedure

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