Audit of the National Defence University 2023

FINEEC conducts an audit of the National Defence University. A two-day audit visit at the National Defence University is carried out 22–23 March 2023. The audit report is to be published in June 2023 on FINEEC’s digital audit platform.

The audit is conducted by the following audit team:

  • Vice-rector Hanna Snellman, University of Helsinki
  • University lecturer Vesa Korhonen, University of Tampere
  • Director Mari Pantsar, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
  • Student Akseli Tiitta, University of Turku.

The purpose of the audit is

  • to evaluate whether the quality work in the HEI meets the European quality assurance standards,
  • to assess whether the quality system produces relevant information for the implementation of the strategy and the continuous development of the HEI’s activities, and whether it results in effective enhancement activities,
  • to encourage internationalisation, experimenting and a creative atmosphere at HEIs, and
  • to accumulate open and transparent information on quality work at Finnish HEIs.

The focus of the audit is on the procedures used by the HEI to maintain and enhance the quality of its activities.

The FINEEC audits cover all the core duties of the HEI, that is, education, research /RDI and societal engagement. The strategic development of HEIs is supported in the audit by offering HEIs the possibility to select one of the evaluation areas. The National Defence University has chosen Responsibility and sustainable development as one of the evaluation areas.

Benchlearning is one of the methods applied in the audits. The benchlearning partner of the National Defence University is Finland Futures Research Centre (University of Turku) and the benchlearning target is the importance of multidisciplinary for the activities of the target organization.

The enhancement-led approach is applied in the audits. The goal of enhancement-led evaluation is to involve staff, students, and stakeholders of a higher education institution (HEI) in recognising strengths, good practices, and enhancement areas in the HEI’s activities. The aim is also to support HEIs in achieving their own objectives, thus creating a premise for the continuous development of HEIs.


The contact person at FINEEC

Mira Huusko, senior advisor, + 358 29 533 5565,