Appeals procedure

The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) has issued an appeal’s procedure for the engineering programme accreditations that can be used by higher education institutions to request a review of the result of an engineering programme accreditation conducted by FINEEC. The procedure follows the jointly agreed European quality assurance principles for evaluation agencies.

The objective of the procedure is to ensure equal treatment of higher education institutions and to guarantee that the FINEEC Committee for Engineering Education makes fair decisions about accreditation results. The procedure will be applied to accreditation performed in accordance with the accreditation manual (Standards and Procedures for Engineering Programme Accreditation, Finnish Education Evaluation Centre Publications 2015:22).

The request may be based on the grounds that the accreditation process has not been performed in compliance with the accreditation manual, and that the accreditation process, as performed, brings into question the fair and equal treatment of higher education institutions. The decisions concerning accreditation results, issued by the FINEEC Committee for Engineerin Evaluation shall be considered expert opinions. They are not administrative decisions, and appeals pursuant to the Administrative Judicial Procedure Act cannot be filed to challenge them.

The procedure is valid until the end of 2018.

Procedure to request a review of an accreditation result.

Further information on the procedure

Senior Evaluation Advisor Kati Isoaho,