Internal quality management


The Higher Education and Liberal Adult Education Unit gathers feedback from all higher education institutions and evaluation teams that take part in the evaluations. The feedback is analysed annually and improvements are made to the evaluation methods and processes using this data.

The Unit has published annually a report of improvement measures to be taken in FINEEC audits based on feedback :

2017: Development Report 2016-2017

2016: Development Report 2015-2016

2015: Development Report 2014-2015

2014: Development Report 2013-2014


The second audit cycle of Finnish higher education institutions ended in 2018. The new model for the third cycle of FINEEC audits was piloted during 2018-2019. The feedback gathered from the higher education institutions and audit teams was used in finalising the model for the FINEEC audits of higher education institutions 2019-2024.