Assessment of learning outcomes in A syllabus of Finnish in basic education grade 9

Kuvassa poika kuulokkeet päässä tietokoneen äärellä.

(12/2019 – 5/2022)

A-Finska-learning outcomes, 9th grade, spring 2021

Preparations for the assessment of the learning outcomes in the second official language (A-finska) have started. The assessment will be carried out electronically in Swedish speaking schools during the spring term 2021 and it will cover two syllabuses: Finnish as a second official language and Finnish according to the bilingual syllabus.

In the evaluation we assess the student’s ability to interpret (listening and reading comprehension) as well as the ability to produce text in accordance with the Basic Education Curriculum Principles 2014. The assessment also includes tasks that measure oral skills.

The data can be combined with the one from the previous 6th grade assessment which was carried out in 2018. Pupils on the 6th grade had good oral language skills but reading comprehension was significantly lower in both syllabuses. There was a strong link between the municipality’s percentage of Swedish speaking population and the results. The evaluation report was published in spring 2019.

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