Evaluation and support of quality management

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The quality management and evaluation of vocational education and training has been developed in Finland on a long-term basis since the 1990s. The development work has been guided both by national policies and by the underlying policies of the European Union, such as the Vocational Education and Training Act (531/2017), the VET Quality Strategy 2011-2020 and its update update (the VET Quality Strategy 2020-2030), the quality management recommendations for VET and apprenticeship training, and the joint European Quality Assurance Reference Framework EQAVET and EQAVET+, which complements it.

In quality management, FINEEC’s task is to provide information on the state of VET providers’ quality management systems (evaluations of quality management systems) and to support VET providers in matters related to quality management and evaluation.

The evaluations of quality management systems cover the entire operation of the VET provider and they are targeted at all VET providers

The support related to evaluation and quality management includes supporting VET providers in the utilisation of the evaluation data, in the development of evaluation competence and in the application of evaluation methods.

Copleted evaluations

Support for evaluation and quality management