Evaluation of learning outcomes in sustainable development


The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre conducted an evaluation of the sustainable development learning outcomes of vocational upper secondary qualifications in spring 2015. The aim was to evaluate how well the sustainable development objectives defined in the qualification requirements for vocational qualifications have been achieved. In addition to this, the evaluation aimed to produce information that education providers could utilise in the development of their own activities and teaching as regards the sustainable development objectives.

The evaluation focused on all education providers providing vocational upper secondary education, as well as students studying for vocational upper secondary qualifications who were graduating in spring 2015. The evaluation participants consisted of a total of 4,457 students studying for different qualifications provided by 107 education providers.

Report: Räkköläinen, M., Metsämuuronen, J., Holopainen, J. & Hievanen, R. Kestävän kehityksen osaaminen, opetus ja koulutuksen järjestäjän toiminta ammatillisissa perustutkinnoissa. Publications 12:2017. The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre.

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