The most common grade awarded for demonstrations in the Vocational qualification in Horticulture was ‘excellent’. The qualification also showed a reasonably good level of working life relevance, but there were considerable differences between VET providers. Compared to other qualifications, assessment is modified for a large number of demonstrations given by special needs students.

Evaluation of vocational competence in the upper secondary level vocational qualification in horticulture was implemented between 2014 and 2017. The evaluation data was obtained from grades awarded for vocational skills demonstrations and the data describing the arrangement of such demonstrations. The evaluation covered about 200 students and 15 VET providers.

The final report was published in 2018.

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Bulletin on the results


Stylman, V. & Jalolahti, J. Ammatillinen osaaminen puutarhatalouden perustutkinnossa [Vocational competence in the Vocational qualification in Horticulture]. Publications 26:2018. Finnish Education Evaluation Centre.

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