Working life orientation and cooperation in vocational education and training

The renewed vocational education and training puts emphasis on the working life orientation of the education and training and the significance of work-based learning. The planning and organisation of the education and training as well as anticipation of competence needs must be carried out in cooperation with the working life and the business community. The vocational education and training reform aimed at intensifying the interaction between education and training and the working life to better ensure that the education offered and development services correspond to the needs for change at workplaces and in the business community.

The evaluation is focused on the working life orientation of vocational education and training and the processes and practices related to cooperation with workplaces. The evaluation will produce information about the implementation of education and training organised at workplaces, the approaches used in the implementation, and the functionality and impacts of the education and training. Information on the structures and forms of the cooperation between education providers and workplaces, and their functionality and development needs will also be produced.

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  • Senior Evaluation Advisor Raisa Hievanen,, tel: +358 29 533 5542
  • Counsellor of Evaluation Paula Kilpeläinen,, tel: +358 29 533 5557
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  • Methodological queastions: Senior Evaluation Advisor Mari Huhtanen,, tel: +358 29 533 5510