Vocational education

The aim of evaluating vocational education and training (VET) is to support local, regional and national development work. The aim is to develop the quality of education, learning results of the students and work of the teaching and instruction staff. Evaluation forms include thematic and system evaluations and learning outcomes evaluations.

Support for education providers

The evaluation information is utilised in the development of education at national and education provider levels. The key principle is that the evaluation data can be utilised as a part of the self-evaluation of the education providers and development of activities with regard to the learning results. The aim is that collection of learning results is a fixed part of education provider activities. Based on the evaluation data, it is possible to monitor the implementation of education and support the education providers’ self-evaluation as well as the development of the quality of education.

Seminars and information events as well as training and other events related to the evaluations will be organised for education providers.

Vocational adult education and training

The aim of the evaluation of vocational adult education and training (VET for adults) is to support the development of education and to improve the preconditions for learning. The evaluations may focus on preparatory education, organisation, individualisation or learning results of qualifications.

Evaluation themes may include:

  • adult education policy,
  • adult studies,
  • the degree system,
  • the range of education on offer,
  • lifelong learning,
  • education for immigrants,
  • information, counselling and guidance services related to lifelong learning,
  • development of the adult education system.

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