Higher education

FINEEC is responsible for the evaluation of education provided by universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS) in Finland. The three key evaluation types are the audits of higher education institutions’ (HEIs) quality systems, thematic evaluations of the education system and engineering degree programme reviews.

Audit is an independent and systematic external evaluation

In auditthe quality system each university or UAS has developed from its own starting points and in accordance with its objectives is evaluated. Quality system refers to the development of the activities as a whole comprising quality management organisation, division of responsibility, procedures and resources. Quality management refers to the procedures, processes or systems that the higher education institution uses to maintain and develop the quality of its activities.

Thematic evaluations on important subjects

FINEEC implements evaluations on universities and UASs on themes that are important with regard to education policy for which new evaluation information is required to support national level decision-making. A thematic evaluation may focus on a single field of education or cover the whole higher education sector. In addition, FINEEC implements thematic evaluations covering various educational levels (such as general upper secondary education and higher education).

A planning team comprising outside experts will be gathered for themed evaluations, which is responsible for drawing up a project plan for the evaluation. The evaluation is always coordinated by an evaluation expert working at FINEEC. The actual evaluation will be implemented by a separately appointed evaluation team. It will acquaint itself with information related to the subject and acquire and provide information in accordance with the project plan. Evaluation results will be published in a report available on FINEEC’s website. FINEEC will collect feedback from participating parties for all evaluations.


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