Learning outcomes evaluations

FINEEC is responsible for the collection, analysis and reporting of learning outcomes and other related supplementary data. The collection of evaluation data is implemented in cooperation between FINEEC and education providers. In addition, FINEEC will develop indicators for the evaluation of learning outcomes.

Learning outcomes evaluations will study whether the objectives of the vocational upper secondary qualification and professional competence required in working life are attained. The evaluations focus on individual qualifications and competence areas, such as key skills related to lifelong learning or the parts of the qualification which complement professional competence.

Qualification-specific learning outcomes evaluations focus on professional competence and are based on vocational skills demonstrations. The aim of the evaluation is to study the correspondence of students’ competence with the professional competence requirements demanded by working life and determined in qualification requirements and the quality of education providers’ implementation process with regard to vocational skills demonstrations. The evaluation focuses on all vocational upper secondary qualifications, for which an evaluation of 2–4 qualifications are started every year. In addition, the evaluation will be supplemented by producing information about the implementation of vocational skills demonstrations.

FINEEC develops indicators for learning outcomes evaluations, one example of which is the evaluation indicator of a student’s own competence. Development work is done in evaluation groups with representation from experts on the field or theme and vocational education teaching staff as well as working life.